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3 Reasons why there isn’t a 2011 Universal Orlando Military Salute Ticket Offer

Universal Orlando ended their Military Salute Ticket Offer on 26 March 2010. Afterwards they confirmed to me twice that they have no plans to continue or bring back a special Military Ticket Offer over and above their usual Military Discounted tickets.

Meanwhile their prime competitor, Walt Disney World extended their 2010 Armed Forces Salute from it’s original end date of 31 July until the end of September 2010, and then renewed it with a new end date of 1 October 2011.

Why is this?

What would make the Universal management make what would seem on first look like a bad economic and public relations decision?

Here are 3 things I think led to the decision.

1. Relative Size – While Universal is a large theme park destination, with several hotels, Disney World is massive in comparison. Universal’s constant challange is to draw customers away from Disney. whether for a day or two or a whole vacation, the latter being preferable.

2. Limited Income – A 2-day military ticket offer would mostly only draw in military day guests for a day or two, who are staying at Disney resorts while using their Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets. This only nets Universal the income from the park tickets and a meal or two.

3. The full Montey – Offering the Military Room and Ticket Vacation Packages that Universal has had since
2010, brings the military guests on property full time. delivering income from not only the theme park tickets but all meals, resort, and nightlife income as well.

While on the face of this it might seem like to the military member that they are being snubbed by universal, going this route most likely brings in and keeps on property the most military business and generates the most income for Universal Orlando.

There are military room/ticket package discounts


  1. Lorrie Jones says:

    I understand these reasons. However, my children have aged out of Disney World and would much rather spend time at Universal and their hotels. Therefore, we would spend a week at Universal instead and have known families who have done so. Thank you!

    1. Steve says:

      Hi Lorrie, thanks for the comment. I understand, the coasters and “big kid” rides at Universal are a draw.

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